If you’re looking for a Professional & Powerful Analog/digital recording studio, with a staff that is inspirational, and a friendly, relaxed environment, then Book us for your next professional recording studio gig. We are available if you have already recorded your songs and would like them to be polished to an ultra high standard. Our production packages include everything from volume balancing, panning, EQ and effects, to replacing parts (e.g. drums). 

We believe it is good business to establish boundaries upfront. Depending on how involved with their recording project an Artist might want us to be, there no fee for an in-person consultation about Production. If an Artist would rather not use our production team, there’s no problem... and if you do, please continue reading about our Production Services.


The term “mastering” is often misunderstood and misrepresented. Although it does include putting that final polished, commercial CD sound to an individual track, it can also mean putting a collection of tracks together in a way that sounds coherent and flows like a great live concert would. This includes not just the sound of the tracks but their related levels, their order and the length of the gaps between tracks.

We can and are happy to both “master” individual tracks but we are also happy to help turn your collection of songs into a finished album or EP, ready for CD replication, radio play, and digital distribution.


What does a music producer do?  As your producer, I will oversee the songwriting, arranging and rehearsal process, which I refer to as pre-production.  This essential step sets you up for success in a recording studio.  Next, I guide your recording through its physical creation by managing the following; audio engineering, your performance, sonic choices, editing, and lastly the mixing and mastering services.  A great producer is the glue for your recording projects.  I administer your recording throughout several steps and processes, pushing your creative boundaries, while keeping you on track. 

Producers have many different approaches and methods, but when looking for a music producer it is important to pick out someone that you feel comfortable with.  Read more about me, my musical background/influences, production style and if I might be a good fit for your music.  If this service is of interest to you, make an appointment for a free consultation.  This no pressure meeting is a great way to discover how I can help you embrace artistic integrity, while realizing your Dream.



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